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Your "Spring Destination" Horoscope

Your "Spring Destination" Horoscope


Feeling anxious to take a trip in the coming future? Well, the stars are aligning for you this Spring so here’s a guide on where to go and what to take with you!

Aries + Kyoto, Japan + Ambeur, Rose Gold

Partake in this season’s Hanami festivals in Maruyama Park with the natural fragrance of cherry blossoms floating in the air. What’s not to love? The last week of March and the first couple weeks of April is the best time to go but nonetheless, Kyoto is the perfect place for a curious Aries who’ll find the tradition and history there inspiring and unforgettable.

Cherry Blossoms & Rose Gold (obviously):


Ambeur - Rose Gold - 2-Piece Set


Taurus + Himachal Pradesh, India + Kaya, Stone, Round

The ambitious spirit of a Taurus is going to want slow down this Spring and take a meditation retreat in this peaceful Indian state within the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh. This region is known for hiking trails with breathtaking views, paragliding through the fresh-aired mountains, and checking out vibrant Tibetan monasteries. Take a deep breath, soak it in, and come back feeling refreshed and clear-minded.

Hike in style with Kaya:


Kaya - Stone - Backpack


Gemini + Cannes, France + Wandr, Champagne

The annual star-studded Cannes Film Festival takes place in the French Riviera in the spring time. An ever-sociable Gemini will want to enjoy new international film screenings on the beach and partake in the magical soirées. Who knows? You might bump into a filmmaker or celebrity that could become your new best friend!

Stay business casual:


Wandr- Champagne - 2-Piece Set


Cancer + Cape Town, South Africa + Stevyn, Olive

The intuitions of Cancers will be ignited during the spring time. In with the old and out with the new — which is why adventuring through the Cape Winelands will open your mind to century-old architecture and prestigious blends of wines. Extend your trip and take the Garden Route, Cape Town’s most scenic views of the Indian Ocean and get caught up in all the feels with the sand between your toes and local food discoveries.

You'll need Stevyn packed up on your Garden Route:


Stevyn - Olive - Duffel


Leo + Krabi, Thailand + Baye, Nude, Medium

Leo, the creativity in you is seeking a Spring getaway where you go from humongous limestone cliffs to chasing waterfalls, to laying out on the breath taking white-sand beaches.. The uniqueness of Krabi is that it’s made up of islands that you can hop from one place to another to snorkel, eat fresh fruit, and take a sunset cruise on a traditional Chinese junk ship.

Baye and beaches:


Baye - Nude - Medium Hat Box


Virgo + Seville, Spain + Davis, Ivory

Before temperatures rise in Europe, Spring is the best time to visit this beautiful country and for Virgos, you’ll want to visit Seville, Spain. Your distinct attention to detail will cause you to fall in love with a major tradition, the Feria de Abril, the city’s legendary fiesta. It’s a week-long party where locals and their businesses and charities dance and drink all day/night long. Yup, sounds like a great time!

Davis is going to fit right in:


Davis - Ivory - 2-Piece Set


Libra + Lisbon, Portugal + Medora, Silver Stardust

Since it’s Spring, you’re not going to want to miss the city in full bloom. The gracious heart of a Libra will find zen at Estufa Fria or the Botanical Gardens in Ajuda, each with their own charming greeneries. After, get color happy and peep views from the Alfama district in Lisbon.

Bring the magic with you:


Medora - Silver Stardust - Carry-On


Scorpio + Rio de Janeiro + Trnk, Black

Get ready for one of the most memorable trips of your life. The brave and passionate mind of a Scorpio will find you trekking through trails in Tijuca National Park, catching a view of Christ the Redeemer landmark, or taking surf lessons at any of Rio’s sandy white beaches. Enjoy the best maraca caipirinhas you’ve ever had in your life and samba your way through the city this Spring.

You might find some buried treasure, so:


Trnk - Black - 3-Piece Set


Sagittarius + Casablanca, Morocco + Tustin, Orange Dream

As a Sagittarius, you’re a born traveler with an open-mind and eagerness to explore. This Spring, enjoy perfect weather in Casablanca while you romanticize in some of the most authentic Art Deco examples of architecture in the world. Not only will you fall in love with your own hidden gems that you’ll find along the way, but you’ll also indulge in Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine — a taste you’ll never forget.

An ode to rich colors:


Tustin - Orange Dream - 2-Piece Set


Capricorn + Thorsmork Valley, Iceland + Murphie, Lavender

A Super Jeep excursion through mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes through the beauty of Iceland will wake up the fiery determination that Capricorns possess. This is a once in a lifetime trip in Thorsmork Valley with views that even your camera can’t do justice. Traveling to Iceland during Spring is also the best time of the year for nature and also airfare deals.

You'll need a perfect-sized companion with room for extra clothes:


Murphie - Lavender - Under-Seat Carry-On


Aquarius + Attrap'Rêves, France + Astyll, Milk Marble

Because Aquarius is an air sign, someone who takes action, goes with the flow, and loves to be in motion, you’ll find yourself obsessed with the Bubble Lodge Resorts in France. It’s a unique experience that you’ll never forget and you’d technically take the Summer tour which runs from May 1st to August 15. Get this — You’re basically watching nature surround you 360° and that’s a getaway you need to check off your bucket list STAT!

So cute, even nature will be jealous of Astyll:


Astyll - Milk Marble - 2-Piece Set


Pisces + The Netherlands + Kaya, Blush, Laptop

Springtime in the Netherlands means you can take the flower route (tulips to be exact) everywhere you go. As a Pisces, you’re dreamy and imaginative so you’ll want to start your trip in Hoofddrop and take an easy drive to the Keukenhof Gardens which is noted as one of the most beautiful Spring gardens in the world. You won’t be far from Amsterdam so take a bike ride around the city!

You'll need everything on your back during your adventure:


Kaya - Blush - Laptop Backpack

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