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How to Get the Insta-Worthy Windmill Post

How to Get the Insta-Worthy Windmill Post


If you’re on your way to partake in festival season OR you’re just on your way to a weekend getaway to Palm Springs, there are numerous places to stop (like the Dinosaurs) to take a quick photo. Did you ever dream about stopping to take a good photo with that long stretch of windmills you pass by? Well, so did we, and we were able to make it happen! We’re hooking you up with the photo op you don’t want to miss on your way to Palm Springs!

How to get there (from the 10 East):

Location 1_edit.jpg

Exit 117 - CA-62

Right Dillon Rd

Right Worsley Rd

Worsley Rd turns into 20th Ave

Right Wall Rd

Right Garnet Rd

You’ll see a row of smaller roads on your left hand side that you can turn into. Pull over to the right side of the road, after you've turned left into an aisle, to park. Try not to park too far away from where you shoot.

PSA: We know it’s open land but please be mindful of plant life and wild life because you know, nature is cool.




Check the weather before you head to the desert.

Stay hydrated!

What time of the day you’d like to go affects the lighting.

Beware of wildlife (bees, cows, red ants, etc.).

Plan your shots ahead of time with props.

Set the scene.

We got asked what the exact location was for the “Cafe in the Desert” shots.  The answer is, we simply created it ourselves. We carefully chose the right table and chairs and the props to make the scene come to life.


Our favorite photo moments:





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