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TREND WATCH: Fall 2019 FW Color Report

TREND WATCH: Fall 2019 FW Color Report


It’s been about two whole months since Fall 2019 Fashion Week kicked off, and I’ve had some time to think about what trends are going to stick and what trends I’m going to very swiftly stop giving a sh*t about. So hi guys, it’s me Shelby (CALPAK product designer and amateur fashion detective).

In order to do my job, and bring you the products you actually want to buy, I have to study fashion week like… (click me for a surprise). It’s gotten to the point where my usual, pin-spiration (Pinterest) hole has become a huge distraction and I’m not looking for new color, print, and style trends, I’m looking for the pros and cons of a broth cleanse. Smh.

Here’s what I’m thinking: 2019 will be the year of color and utility. Using big, bold, color is the way to stand out. And because we’re using bigger, bolder colors, the tiniest design choices are making a HUGE difference. So here are the top 4 colors you should be paying *close* attention to and possibly adding into your wardrobe before everyone else:

honey lemon-01.jpg
honey lemon-02.jpg
plum wine-06.jpg
plum wine-05.jpg

Let’s break down honey lemon, fuchsia, plum wine, and 50 shades of caramel a little further.

Honey Lemon: It’s not too yellow, not too orange, it’s right in the middle. It’s what I see when I taste honey and lemon in a warm cup of tea. You can lighten it up for the spring and summer, but darken it down to a mustard for fall.

Fuchsia: Did you know how to spell it? I’ve been corrected a few times since starting this blog post. Fuchsia is the color that is literally so bright, my computer doesn’t know how to process the colors properly. You can dress it down with an all-white ensemble, or really pull out all the stops and wear it head to toe.

Plum Wine: If Game of Thrones were a fashionable color… It’s deep; it’s moody. It’s almost black, so it can be treated the same as a black or navy. Plum wine is the neutral you didn’t know you needed.

50 Shades of Caramel: There’s caramel for your ice cream. There’s caramel candy. There’s caramel for your baked goods. And depending on how it’s cooked, there’s a very wide spectrum of color for caramel. One thing we haven’t done before: worn 10 different shades of caramel at the same time for the least boring outfit ever.

But let’s say you want to see something a little different… Here are my honorable mentions:

From left to right we have: STONE, BLOOD ORANGE, ELECTRIC BLUE, and FADED JADE. My personal favorite is the electric blue. There’s something so great about the power behind it.

Have a favorite? Is there something you want us to try out? Leave a comment below and join me in the wonder of color! Until next time!

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