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Travel Shoes (For Long & Short Walks) We Love

Travel Shoes (For Long & Short Walks) We Love


Sometimes, the hardest part about packing is figuring out which shoes to bring. Sure you want to look stylish (for all the pics you’ll be taking), but you also want to consider your comfort level, depending on how much you’ll be on your feet all day. We decided to share our holy grail shoes for short and long distance travel — they get us hopping from one place to another, while having us feeling and looking good!

Amanda’s Favorites:

Short: My favorite for traveling are a well broken in pair of Swedish Hasbeen Sandals. The base is wood and once broken in, it molds to your foot. They are cute and give a bit of height!

Long: I have been very keen on my Nike Flyknit for walking. No socks, just put them on and go!

Yumena’s Favorites:

Short: Dr. Marten Sandals with foam platform soles are surprisingly nice to walk in; you don't feel rocks and things.

Long: Nike Huaraches are so lightweight on the feet!

Kevin’s Favorites:

Short: Whatever goes with my drip of the day! lol Vans, Chucks, Airmax, J's, really whatever the style is for the day.

Long: I'm probably going to go either Airmax 90's, Nike Free's, or Nike Roshe.

Jen’s Favorites:

Short: Sandals with a back strap.

Long: Adidas Ultra Boosts!

Giselle’s Favorites:

Short: I love a classic pair of Low Top Converse sneakers or Vans slip-ons.

Long: I usually wear my Adidas’s NMD's (I usually wear these when I'm working out or on a hike).

Lindsey’s Favorites:

Short: Espadrille Sandal with good support in the summer!

Long: Nike Women's Air Max 270s .

Sam’s Favorites:

Short: I’m in love with my Baba’s for short distance! They’re easy to slip on and off, while they’re lightweight and just add some fun to any basic color palette.

Long: I have a pair of Nike Cortez in different colors because the classic silhouette just goes with everything. Plus, they’re comfortable and snug for being on your feet all day.

Shelby’s Favorites:

Short: Dr. Martens. Great ankle support but they get heavy after a while and make my legs tired. 

Long: Vans. Comfortable, flexible, and cute with almost every outfit.

Roy’s Favorites:

Short: Definitely my Common Projects. They go with everything!

Long: Adidas Ultraboots

Jeannie’s Favorites:

Short: Any Zara flat sandals that are neutral.

Long: OG Old Skool Vans LX Tweed Sneakers. Classics.

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