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Things To Start In 2019 *NOW*

Things To Start In 2019 *NOW*


You’ve hopefully made your resolutions by now but we wanted to create a comprehensive list of reminders that’ll make 2019 your best year yet. It’s about focus, consistency, and passion for what you do to create the beautiful life ahead of you. Start these things today and we can guarantee you’ll be living your best life! Happy new year, happy (improved) you!



Whether it’s by plane, by car, by train, or even by boat, promise yourself a solo getaway filled with things you love AND things you’ve always wanted to try. Book a tour, make reservations, plan some time to just lay out on the beach. This mini retreat is perfect for enlightenment, reflection and of course, just DOING YOU BOO BOO. Take full advantage of your time and space.

Pro tip: Delete your social media apps for the weekend. Why feel the FOMO when you’re out here living your best life?


CLEANSING (2 ways)

After the libations and hot meals during the Winter time, your body is ready to get a fresh start. Begin by juicing or following a very simple diet, not only easy enough to make at home, but quality enough to look forward to. MindBodyGreen has a simple guide here.

There are so many apps that make it easy for you to get rid of clothes, old electronics, textbooks, and furniture you’ve been dying to clear out. This is a great time to not only make room for things you actually NEED but also to simply create physical space to allow yourself and your most prized possessions room to live in.

Apps to try: Letgo, Offerup, Poshmark, and Decluttr



You can take the first 10 minutes of your morning to prepare yourself for the day with a relaxing mediation — or you can make a reservation to float in a lightless, soundproof tank filled with salt water to recharge and refocus your goals for 2019. This type of mediation is through a Sensory Deprivation Tank, which has its’ own mental and physical benefits. Need to realign your chakras? Sound baths are known to shift your brainwave state through frequency and sound while in a meditative state. If you’re a yogi, candlelit yoga could improve your focused state even more and elevate your “me time”.

Ask yourself: What’s my mantra for 2019?



During the political climate of our world today, there’s much to be said about every headline we’re fed with through social media and the news. Figure out which of these topics you’re most passionate about, educate yourself with both sides of the story and take a position that best suits your perspective and how it effects the world through your lens. Document your reaction to these things for yourself but take it a step further and share your findings in conversation or on your social platforms. Remember how your input DOES make a difference and it does matter to the greater good of the world.




The older we get, the wiser we are so why not ante up our intellect by taking an online course or classes that may not necessarily relate to our current jobs, but have always struck our personal interests. Trade in a night of binge-watching TV shows and satisfy your deepest desires while learning something new. Is it a cooking class, a course on web design, a language you’ve always wanted to learn? There’s no better time than NOW. The only one who’s grading you this time is yourself so no pressure, just passion.

Get inspired: Skillshare, General Assembly, Eventbrite




Money saving initiatives:

  • Put away $50 (cash) in a physical piggy bank every week.

  • Set up automatic withdrawals from your checking to your savings account after each payday.

  • Don’t be too good for couponing and discount codes.

  • Find a credit card with great rewards points (suggestions HERE).

  • Re-assess your monthly subscriptions (do you really need a wine subscription?) and cancel a couple of them.

  • Unsubscribe from emails that will entice you to buy things you know you don’t need.

  • Sell things you no longer need (see “CLEANSING” above).




Do you ever catch yourself only contacting certain people when you need something? We’re all guilty of that, especially in a time where we’re constantly on-the-go and thrive off of quick satisfaction. The smallest gestures are the ones that are the most gratifying, especially when we least expect it. Remember to follow-up with your friends and family members you don’t normally interact with on a daily basis. Furthermore, take the time to personally congratulate them on their achievements passed just double-tapping the “like” button and you’ll be surprised how much warmer both of your hearts will feel.


MENTORSHIP (guidance is always good)

giphy (1).gif

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone within your industry, that’s not necessarily your BFF? Someone who is a little more seasoned than you can offer you advice and that’s always ideal if you’re looking to take your money making moves and expertise to the next level. Ask around and don’t be afraid to cold email/DM individuals you look up to. Remember, they were once in your shoes.

In retrospect, perhaps you’re ready to be a mentor? We know how hard it is to get guidance we can trust so if you have valuable tips for a potential mentee, why not share?

These might help: BumbleBizz, Mentoring.com


DIY (literally)

shutterstock_1026923443 (1).jpg

Speaking of learning new things, there must be things around your house that you could’ve made yourself. We understand that convenience is wonderful but so is a relaxing $5 at-home spa night. Crafting, making and building give everything a personal touch that allows you to be proud of what you made. The bonus is making time to creative, rather than being lazy.

Here’s an idea: Gather your friends and make a night of your favorite DIY projects!




Tired of your mundane workout, counting down the minutes until you’re just about over being on the treadmill? Head to a park , the beach, or even a local school’s field track for a better experience. Working out outdoors offers you a worldly vibe as you’re breathing in fresh air and taking in the environment around you. Plus, time goes much faster when you’re jamming out to your playlist as if you’re in your own music video. Don’t worry, we all do that.

Here’s our “WORK IT OUT” Playlist:



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