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The Top 3 Travel Credit Cards

The Top 3 Travel Credit Cards


Spending is SO EASY, that it’s kind of scary how much you can swipe your credit card on food, travel and all the necessities without blinking. What if we told you that you could actually be rewarded for your expenses? Find out which lil’ piece of plastic is the best suitable for the traveler in you!


Work Traveler

Best card for Overall Value: American Express Platinum

You’re making moves left and right so you might as well be rewarded for all of your hard work. Don’t forget to add the AMEX Platinum to your Uber account to get $15 in Uber credit every month plus a bonus $20 in December for all your late night Uber rides.


The Foodie

Best card for Travel Points: Chase Sapphire Reserve

We get it, you’re a busy person who has no time to cook OR you just love food. Either way, we’re not judging but we DO want to help you save on your dining habits. All of your Starbucks coffee and Chipotle meals will get triple the points with the Chase Reserve. Uber, Lyft, Parking Meters, and Tolls count as travel as well! After you’ve saved up your points from eating pizzas and burritos, use them on Chase Ultimate rewards and your points are worth 50% more towards your travel redemption. You also have the ability to transfer your points to an airline or hotel partner.


Start Somewhere

Best starter card: Chase Sapphire Preferred

Start slow but start your reward journey with no commitment to a large annual fee. Your points are worth 25% more in travel redemption when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards.You can rack up points with little thought.

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Who knew spending money every day could pay for your future vacation?!



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