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The Essentials To A Perfect Airport Outfit

The Essentials To A Perfect Airport Outfit


Whether you’re about to hop on a short or long flight, the rule of thumb to dressing up (or down) is to make sure you’re comfortable.  But comfy can still be stylish. It’s always best to wear light, loose and layered pieces since they’re easy to take off for TSA Check-In or to put on when it gets a little chilly inside of the plane. Here are some ideas for your new go-to “Airport Fit” from head to toe!

the top

Let’s start at the top (pun intended). Loose fitting, mostly cotton shirts are an easy, breezy, breathable option. Sometimes, the more oversized, the better.

the jacket

It’s ALWAYS best to bring a hoodie or a jacket on a flight, especially because of all the moody temperature changes inside of the airplane cabin. One second, it’s a bit stuffy and the next, it’s so cold, you’re pulling the drawstrings on your hoodie to keep your ears warm. *Pro tip*: wear your bulkiest jacket on the plane so it doesn’t take up all the room in your luggage!

the pants

If anything, your bottoms are the most important piece to your whole airport ensemble. Be sure to wear something not restrictive to your waist, easy to manage while using the bathroom and either loose or stretchy. Thank us later.

the shoes

Some people prefer sneakers over any type of mule situation but we’re here to give you options. Regardless, taking your shoes off at the TSA line needs to be as easy as possible. Then, when you get inside the plane, you should feel just as comfortable keeping them on your feet for as long as the flight is.

the socks

It’s no surprise that long flights can cause your legs and feet to swell at a high altitude, which is why compression socks are a great idea to have in your personal bag in the case that happens to you. Hopefully it doesn’t but we still recommend having an extra pair of socks, and bonus points for socks that are nourishing your feet while you're in the sky.

the blanket scarf

Remember the jacket you’ll be wearing in case it gets cold inside of the plane? Well, you can never go wrong with a scarf that doubles as a blanket, for your neck and body too. Longer flights might provide you with a blanket, but you’ll be happy to know you’re the only one who has used yours.

the dress

A dress is a great alternative to the top/bottom duo because it takes care of both. Try a dress that won’t wrinkle, that's somewhat loose-fitting and just comfortable all together.

the carry-on

Of course, we love to make products that are made to make your life easier on every trip you have. Here’s a couple of our favorite carry-ons, along with under-the-seat options that’ll complement your new favorite airport outfit as the finishing touch!

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