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TAKE ME TO: Paris & Morocco w/ @thestyleseed

TAKE ME TO: Paris & Morocco w/ @thestyleseed

@thestyleseed in Morocco on a couch.

Two countries, one trip, all in one week. If it sounds like a whirlwind of a trip, that's because it was. In a short period of time, we managed to squeeze in two destinations, too many adventures, and some great memories that I will forever cherish. Read on to learn more about my trip to Marrakech, Morocco and Paris, France!

When prepping for a trip, I love to lay out my looks and pair them with accessories, shoes, etc.

CALPAK’s packing cubes really came in handy as I used them to pack outfits per destination. For example, I had a Marrakech cube and a Paris cube. I used the remaining cubes for hair care, miscellaneous items and socks/underwear. This was a great way for me to stay organized and on track!

@thestyleseed sitting on CALPAK's Large Trnk luggage in nude, along with CALPAK's carry-on Trnk luggage.
Here I am after packing up everything into my ultra chic two piece TRNK Luggage Set in Nude, which by the way, makes a great seat when waiting in lines and heading out to the airport.

This luggage is perfect for the blogger lifestyle as it’s so stylish and functional. Having the larger option is awesome when traveling for extended periods of time. Or when you’re over packing like I always do.

@thestyleseed and her boyfriend in Marrakech, Morocco. Photo is titled, "When in Marrakech, Morocco".

Morocco is a blogger’s dream come true. The Moroccan style decor is absolutely stunning and so photogenic. As you can see from the Rihad (house) that we were staying in, everything has so much detail and intricacy. From tile, to lanterns, to rugs and blankets the Moroccans are doing it right and I was loving every minute of it.

Although we were only there for a few days, we did a lot of amazing things. Below are a list of my must-do Moroccan things!


Morocco is famous for their mint tea and for a good reason. It’s one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever had and it really helps to make you feel as if you’re experiencing an authentic Moroccan moment!

@thestyleseed in Morocco on a couch with food and tea.


Prepare yourself for an otherworldly experience as you navigate your way through this amazing market full of artisans, craftsman and much more. I highly recommend hiring a local guide to show you the Medina. This ensures that the language barrier won’t be a problem and you’ll be taken to all the best spots and not left to be taken advantage of as an aimless tourist.

@thestyleseed took a photo of an alleyway in Morocco.


Like I mentioned above, Morocco has amazing interior design. Don’t leave without picking up a little piece of Morocco to take back home with you. My boyfriend Clayton and I don’t have a ton of space in our apartment and it’s nearly fully decorated but we couldn’t leave without some authentic Moroccan decor. We opted for one of the famous Moroccan poofs - but a rug, blanket or lantern would be great too!

@thestyleseed posing near the Eiffel Tower. Photo is titled, "When in Paris, France".

Straight from Morocco to France. Worlds apart but only a quick three hour flight! It was my first time in Europe and I instantly knew that I was going to love it. We were only able to spend two nights in Paris but I loved every moment of it.

From food to fashion to culture - I was overwhelmed with joy. Read on to learn my favorite parts of Paris.


A place that celebrates eating baguettes with every meal is a place I want to spend a lot of time. Honestly the fresh bread in Paris is amazing and enough to make me want to go back. Also, it’s no surprise that their wine was superb as France is known for their wine.

@thestyleseed and two glasses of wine in Paris.


For the short amount of time we were in Paris, I was drooling over the fashion the entire time. Everyone was dressed so well and so chic. The men, women, and children were all giving me major inspo with their fashion and I loved being around it!

@thestyleseed posing in Paris, France on the street.


The culture in Paris is one that won’t disappoint either. From the incredible landmarks (like the Eiffel Tower) to the museums, buildings, and the general way of life - the culture in Paris is rich and full of history.

@thestyleseed at a cafe in Paris with a crepe.

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