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Summer Travel Skin Must-Haves By The Experts, Skin Laundry

Summer Travel Skin Must-Haves By The Experts, Skin Laundry


Elyse Shelger is Skin Laundry's Director of Medical Operations. Skin Laundry is based out of Newport Beach, California. Elyse is often traveling from coast to coast training Skin Laundry's RN's and making sure all medical duties for Skin Laundry are being performed within proper protocol. Here are her best Summer travel skin must-haves while she's on-the-go and glowing!


Skin Laundry Hydrating Sheet Mask

This is a perfect travel item for your Travel Wallet and the perfect cure to post-airplane-skin, post-beach-skin, or morning-after-cocktail-skin. This mask made with sodium hyaluronate and watermelon extract will immediately rehydrate, refresh, and brighten.


Skin Laundry Individual Cleansing Cloths

Another item that fits perfectly in any travel bag, especially a Travel Wallet. Whether you need to freshen up after a plane ride, wipe down at the beach, or remove make up before bed, this cleansing cloth will do the trick, and it even prevents breakouts without over-drying.


Skin Laundry SPF (Travel-Size)

SL's travel-sized SPF fits in any small travel pouch and makes it easy to reapply without lugging around a large bag. This daily moisturizer with SPF 35 even has Arnica montana extract to heal while it protects.


Blotting Papers

I wouldn't travel without blotting papers because they are MADE for any small Travel Wallet, and can honestly save the day in so many ways. The obvious reason, of course, is to conveniently blot away sweat or oil while on-the-go, but they can also be used in place of a dry shampoo, and even to wipe down your sticky/sandy phone screen!



Travel Wallet - White


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