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QUIZ: Find Out What To Get Your Favorite Traveler

QUIZ: Find Out What To Get Your Favorite Traveler


Still stuck on what to get your family and friends for Christmas? Ignite their inner-traveler spirit and get them what they really need — the perfect gear to help them stay organized and look good while embarking on their next getaway. Fill in the blank space with the NAME of your favorite traveler to help you decide what their new dream CALPAK bff’s would be.

Take the quiz!

1. To _______________, the purpose of traveling is to:

A. Spend time with the people they love.

B. Experience something new.

C. Document the world.

D. Get work done.

E. Learn more about different cultures.

2. _______________’s way of preparing for a trip is:

A. Making a grand list for everyone to use.

B. Planning out each outfit per day.

C. Preparing and organizing all their tech gadgets.

D. Going over an important presentation.

E. Printing out all necessary documentation and mapping out an itinerary.

3. While they’re traveling, _______________ likes to eat at these restaurants:

A. Family-style dining is the best way to share and try everything.

B. Any place that’s Instagram-worthy a.k.a., the food better look cute!

C. Must have top reviews on both Yelp and TripAdvisor.

D. A fine-dining experience is always worth it if it’s on the company business card.

E. Any place a local would recommend. Hole-in-the-wall restaurants are the best.

4. This is how  _______________ chooses their next travel destination:

A. Somewhere safe that has various activities and attractions to choose from.

B. Making a moodboard from of all their favorite influencers and Pinterest.

C. It depends on low airfare prices and vacation deals.

D. A place where there’s fast internet overlooking a gorgeous view.

E. Weeks, if not, months of research and planning.

5. The accommodation (hotel, resort, Airbnb, etc.) at _______________’s choice has to have this amenity:

A. A pool

B. A spa

C. Cable, Netflix, or free movies

D. A gym

E. They spend very little time at their hotel, resort, Airbnb, etc.

6. The #1 priority in _______________’s vacation is to:

A. Make sure not to leave anyone behind.

B. Make sure to post recaps on social media.

C. Test out new travel gadgets so they can give an honest review about it.

D. Learn more about the company they work for.

E. Visit the destination’s best attractions.

7. _______________ normally dresses like this on vacation:

A. Comfy 

B. Resort wear

C. Jeans and a t-shirt

D. Business Casual 

E. Weather-friendly

8. _______________ is asked to go on a spontaneous trip tomorrow. How do they react?

A. “I’ll have to think about it.”

B. “All expenses paid?”

C. “I don’t have anymore PTO at work.”

D. “Where do I sign up?”

E. “My bags are already packed!”

9. _______________’s favorite way to travel is by:

A. Boat

B. Private Jet

C. Train

D. Business Class - Airplane

E. Economy Class - Airplane

10. This is their drink of choice:

A. Smoothies

B. Cocktail

C. Tea

D. Coffee

E. Water

11. _______________ would most likely visit:

A. Copenhagen, Denmark

B. Tulum, Mexico

C. India

D. Tokyo, Japan

E. The Galapagos Islands

Most likely their vacation mode:











It’s time to add up your answers!


MOSTLY A’s: The Family Fun Traveler


MOSTLY D’s: The Workoholic Traveler


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