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PACKED UP w/ Amy Serrano

PACKED UP w/ Amy Serrano


Glamorous, yet relatable. Sweet, yet spicy (Serrano, like the pepper). 283,000 Youtube followers, yet down-to-earth. One of our favorite influencers, Amy Serrano, is here to pack with us! She embarked on a BFF birthday adventure to Belize and we love how she packs!

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Palmdale, CA


Content Creator

Fave CALPAK product:

Jen Atkin Carry-On Luggage

Fave travel destination:

So far my top favorite trip has been Kenya and Peru but anywhere in Mexico is forever a fave.

Bucket list destination:

Tokyo, Japan

3 Things you never forget to pack:

Camera, sneakers and a cozy sweater because I hate being cold in airports, planes, hotels, etc.

Last meal on Earth:

Ceviche w/ a spicy mezcal cocktail

Secret talent:

It wouldn't be a secret anymore ;)

Favorite music genre:

This new style of Reggaeton. I always listen to this playlist I created and named Not Bland.

Your hype song:

Te Bote Remix

What kind of packer are you:

A cross between over-packer and organized. I love my options but I try to make sense of it all.


Packing Cubes - Nude

Jen Atkin x CALPAK Carry-On - Red


PACKED UP w/ Elena Salsedo

PACKED UP w/ Elena Salsedo

DESTINATION: Tokyo W/ Jill Paider

DESTINATION: Tokyo W/ Jill Paider