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The Holy Grail Makeup List From Our Spring Editorial Shoot W/ Amanda Bourne

The Holy Grail Makeup List From Our Spring Editorial Shoot W/ Amanda Bourne


It was a hot Spring day in Pasadena (91°F to be exact), not surprising for SoCal weather. Luckily, at CALPAK’s Spring Editorial shoot, we got to work with Amanda Bourne, professional makeup artist and hairstylist to keep models Maly and Bleu looking fresh and sun-kissed. She shared her impressive skincare and makeup product list with us below so BRB while we do some retail therapy after this post. Read on to learn why she says she has the best job in the world!

Describe the looks you were going for at CALPAK’s Spring Editorial shoot:

Since my background started in skincare, that’s really important to me and I apply that to my clients. I don’t like layering too much. I always want the skin looking natural but with a glow: hydrated and luminescent.  Then from there, I can bump up the eye. Then, my go-to is adding bronzer and highlight with soft, wavy hair.


(SKIN PREP, FACE, BROWS and HAIR - same as above)

EYES: ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

LIPS: MAC Lip Pencil in Auburn / MAC Lipstick in Chile


(SKIN PREP, FACE, BROWS and HAIR - same as above)

EYES: Makeup Forever Artist Shadows Palette, Volume 2

LIPS: Smashbox Lipstick in Pout

How did you get your start in makeup?

I was always into makeup in high school and then I went to college, graduated, got an office job and then hated it. So I finally quit and started working in cosmetics and skincare at Nordstrom. While I was there, I started freelancing like crazy. I was networking and test shooting as much as I possibly could, just to keep growing. I eventually got too busy to work at Nordstrom so I quit and pursued freelance full-time. I started doing makeup and hair professionally 4 years ago but have been freelancing for 2 years now.

How has the freelance life been for you?

It’s not always easy. You have to force yourself to do office hours. You have to force yourself to reach out to brands, to reach out to photographers, email people, follow-up on emails — it’s kind of a constant full-time job. You’re never "off" BUT you are your own boss.

What’s been your favorite freelance job so far?

I once did a job where the company made collars for dogs that matched with bracelets for humans. So basically I was doing makeup and hanging out with puppies all day!

Everyday you’re traveling to a new location for work. What’s that like?

I LOVE the fact that I’m always traveling. The people I meet and the places I end up are amazing. I feel like I have the best job in the world! When I had a job where I was just doing the same thing everyday, I went kind of stir-crazy. Because I meet new people, because I’m always at a new location — I think that’s why I’ll never get bored. 

What are your 3 essentials that you carry with you, every job you go?

  1. My set bag. I make sure that’s easy to pack. It’s like my essentials kit: lotion, lash glue, body oil, hair ties, bobby pins, hand sanitizer, etc.
  2. Clorox Wipes to keep everything clean at all times.
  3. Placemats (that I got from Target) to make sure my tools stay clean and nothing rolls around anywhere.

We'll be keeping an eye out for Amanda as she travels all over, making people everywhere look and feel beautiful! 


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