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What You Wanted To Know About Your New Favorite Vitamin Gummies, OLLY

What You Wanted To Know About Your New Favorite Vitamin Gummies, OLLY


One possible step to being mindful of both our physical and mental health is to take daily vitamins. It can be a daunting task to visit a pharmacy and feel intimidated by an entire aisle of vitamins and remedies that are telling you that they’ll solve all of your problems but all look the same. Where do you even start? Which one do you trust?

Luckily, a brand called OLLY came along that not only stands out on shelves with their bold packaging, but they share their benefits with you loud and clear on every bottle. The best part? They’re gummies — and yes, they taste as good as they look. Read further as we asked OLLY questions about the integral role they play in the vitamin market, especially for millennials.

In a world full of new “cures”, remedies, and supplements, what’s your take on reinventing the vitamin market? 

OLLY's mission is to make nutrition delightfully easy, from the shopping experience to the actual product experience.  Our colorful packaging and benefit based product names make our line easy to shop, while our deliciously flavored gummies drive compliance and bring delight to your supplement routine.  As an Innovation team, we are not necessarily focused on new remedies as much as we are identifying clear need states or health benefits our millennial audience is looking for and leveraging the science behind ingredients with established efficacy for those benefits.

Packaging and product design play a huge role on the Olly brand, what was the thought process like for creating the visual identity for Olly?

When our founder, Eric Ryan, was looking for a new category to disrupt, he couldn't help but notice how poorly branded and un-inspirational the nutritional aisle was at mass retailers. He immediately saw an opportunity to create a cultural shift in this category. Our design team started with the shape of the bottle, adopting a square form which allows for four distinct communication panels. Products are color-coded to align with each benefit and to really stand out in the 'sea of sameness' on shelf.

What is the best way to understand which vitamins one should take if they’ve never taken daily vitamins before?

Nearly everyone can benefit from a daily multivitamin and probiotic, so those products are always a great place to start.  From there, we often suggest focusing on one or two additional areas of health and using our benefit driven line to easily identify which products address those needs.


#1 - If you are experiencing stress during the day which may also be interfering with your ability to get a good nights sleep, you may want to consider OLLY Sleep in combination with OLLY Goodbye Stress.


#2 - If youthful looking skin is your goal, you may want to pair OLLY Vibrant Skin with our new OLLY Undeniable Beauty gummies.


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