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MONEY REGRETS — Don't Have Them! Here's How.

MONEY REGRETS — Don't Have Them! Here's How.


You finally get your paycheck or a long-awaited invoice goes through — what do you do?


Think again before you have all sorts of money regrets, wishing you had been a little smarter about how you spent your hard earned money. Stretch your dollar, earn more, save and prioritize what’s more important with these tips below!

A Budgeting Plan

The moment that direct deposit hits your bank account—distribute it (no matter how loud online shopping is calling your name). There's all of the bills, bills, bills that you can automatically send money towards so that what you're left with is actually yours to play with. What are your priorities? Apps like Mint or PocketGuard help you manage and budget your funds with extra features and infographics.


Different Forms Of Revenue

It's in the millennial gene to have a side hustle or if you're a workaholic, multiple side hustles. Anyone would like to know that their money is coming from various sources, especially when they’re getting paid on different dates. You can sell your old clothes on Poshmark or even sell your crafts on Etsy. Freelancing isn't for everyone but if you have a knack for something, why not try making it a side business? You'll be happy you had that extra cash to play with.

Less Is More

Spend less by doing more things you know you can do on your own. We're all guilty of doing what's easy but if at the end of the month you're crying over Postmates, eating out and one too many bar tabs we have a red flag on our hands. Try meal prepping for your weekly lunches, carry snacks with you wherever your go and take advantage of reusable cups and bottles that you can re-fill throughout the day. Who knows? You might have more fun learning how to mix your own cocktails at home. Don’t believe us? How could you NOT be inspired by this?!


Plan Ahead

When you're busy doing life, you forget how necessary it is to just get away, even if it's just for a weekend. Don't wait until you're all worn out to plan a last minute trip. Instead, give yourself an incentive to look forward to every other month to keep yourself recharged. Turn your alerts on for deals on apps like Hopper, Skyscanner and Momondo, commit and book them way in advance so you won’t have to hurt your pocket when you’re in dire need of a well-deserved break.


Travel Wallet - Caramel

Travel - Wallet - Deep Sea


DESTINATION: Provence, France W/ Jill Paider

DESTINATION: Provence, France W/ Jill Paider

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