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Last Minute Summer Activities

Last Minute Summer Activities


So you didn’t end up going out of town to a magical beachside resort for the Summer. Maybe your budget just isn’t ready yet for that five star cruise, or maybe your schedule doesn’t allow for time off. Don’t sweat it; you’ll get there one day. BUT just because your grand Summer vacation didn’t happen this year, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do! Here are some last minute Summer activities you can do in your own city that don’t require much planning and cost little to nothing!


Visit a Museum or Gallery


If you live in a big city, chances are there are PLENTY of museums around. Look a few up to see if any are offering free admission, and take a moment to appreciate art. Plus, if it’s a hot Summer day, chances are that museum or gallery is air conditioned.

Our Local Recommendation:

Hammer Museum - Free Admission


Enjoy Nature


I’m not talking about just taking a walk around your neighborhood (though that’s also a viable option). Find some greenery around you and take a walk or bicycle around; maybe even make it a picnic. Just take a moment to breathe and forget about your busy schedule.

Our Local Recommendation:

Echo Park - Free, Rent a pedal boat for $11 - $25 per hour


Visit a Bookstore or Library


Hear me out. You don’t actually have to pick up a book and read if that’s not your cup of tea. Trust me; you can do more than look at books, especially if the bookstore or library has the perfect aesthetic and vibe for the perfect Instagram pic.

Our Local Recommendation:

The Last Bookstore - Free (Parking in the area is limited, and ranges in pricing!)


Go To Your Local Farmer’s Market


Summer is THE season for fruits, so chances are your local market is the life of the party. Take a stroll, find some odd things, maybe even do some of your grocery shopping. You’ll never know what vendors will be there, and keep your fingers crossed for ice cream!

Our Local Recommendation:

The Original Farmers Market at The Grove - Free


Attend a Free Concert


Yes, there are FREE concerts. No, they aren’t crowded or dirty. Check in with local restaurants and museums. You might find they host musical events. Often, the crowd is small, and the setting feels more intimate.

Our Local Recommendation:

Jazz Nights at LACMA - Free (Admission to the museum ranges from $10 - $25)


See a Movie Outdoors


“Why, when I can just go to the theater?” Okay, but imagine: sitting in your own comfy seat, a group of best friends around you, and your own cooler full of all your favorite snacks. That’s just one of the options, too, since they're a variety of outdoor movie events.

Our Local Recommendation:

Moonlight Movies on the Beach - Free


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