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I'm More Than Just a Pretty Box...

I'm More Than Just a Pretty Box...


I'm the perfect carry-on companion. 

Every product made here at CALPAK is designed to be a travel BFF for you; going everywhere you go, being there for every need, giving you the things you didn't know you were missing, and really, making travel better.

So say hello to our newest friend, the Vanity Case.

It's more than just a pretty box, it's the perfect travel companion...

for your-03.jpg

Each time you take a long trip and know that you're going to need every palette, every brush, and every hot tool, don't worry because the vanity case can fit all that and more. Here's what's in our beauty kit : Dry shampoo, hairspray, brushes, curling iron, shampoo, bobby pins, blush, bronzer, 6 makeup palettes, lipstick, makeup brushes, face serum, nail polish, face masks, eye masks, beauty blenders and an eyelash curler.

for your-02.jpg

If you're jumping on a quick flight with your ride-or-die carry-on, this is the perfect addition to keep your friends close, but your things closer. These are our travel essentialscurling iron, magazine, headphones, silk sleep mask, eyemasks, face masks, wipes, creams, dry shampoo, lotion, q-tips, bandaids, face wipes, makeup remover, lipstick, concealer, vitamins, nail file, charging cable, medication, mouthwash, toothpaste, candy, earbuds, and contact lens cases. 


Slumber party with your squad? Grab the bag for all your bags. This is what we're bringing : straightener, tooth brush, toothpaste, facewash, lotion, makeup brushes, clothing, shoes, undergarments, foundation, shampoo, makeup remover, q-tips, face wipes, mouth wash, serums, sleep mask, concealer, scrunchie, bobby pins, eye masks, lip masks, razor, floss, and medications. 

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