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How to Recreate Bachelorette Becca's Journey to Love

How to Recreate Bachelorette Becca's Journey to Love


Here at Destination CALPAK, we believe that it's really important to give you everything you'll need to see the world, be fearless, and look good while doing it. But this week we wanted to try something a little different...

Within the CALPAK team are a group of die-hard Bachelor and Bachelorette supporters (whaddup ABC), who are willing to watch a 3-hour season finale on repeat, just to give you the ability to recreate Becca's literal journey to find love. Minus the love part. And the hot guys. And if you're interested in our finale thoughts, scroll alllllllll the way to the bottom where we've hidden all the spoilers, because we've given you one whole week to watch and you can't blame us for ruining it. Before we begin, we have one very important thing to say. 


The Maldives

Welcome to the Maldives: a place so beautifully aloof that it is the physical equivalent to staring at a fridge full of food and not knowing what to make. It's there, the possibilites are endless, but you literally cannot figure out where to start. Well, that is why we're here. 

First things first. The Maldives is a very diverse, Islamic country that is made up of over 1,000 islands and only 200 of those are actually habited. Between the 200 habited islands, there are 185 local islands and 15 private islands. It is important to be mindful  that the laws and customs of the local islands are different from those on the private islands. You aren't allowed to bring in or purchase any alcohol, tobacco products, or religious texts that do not conform to Islamic culture, unless you are within the grounds of a private resort. 


Becca, Becca's family, Becca's handsome suitors, and the ABC crew stayed on one of the southern islands called Addu City. And within Addu City, they stayed in Villingili at the Shangri-La Villinigili Resort & Spa

To get there from Los Angeles, Becca and her crew would have most likely flown from LAX to Dubai to Malé, the capital of the Maldives. A round trip ticket would have cost anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500 per person, but because Malé is further north, they would have taken a smaller sea plane from Malé to Gan International Airport for an extra fee. 

Shangri La Villingili Resort & Spa

who-won-the-bachelorette-2018-becca-kufrin-12 copy.jpg

After drinking two glasses of wine, and pausing the episode multiple times to get a good look, we have determined that Becca stayed in the resort's Villa Muthee, while her family stayed in the Villa Laalu, and her suitors stayed in the Ocean-view Tree House Villas (number #37 and #10 to be exact). That totally unrealistic moment of Becca rising out of the pool, NOT looking like a raccoon, happened right there in the photo above. 


Tree house villa = $815 a night
Villa Muthee = $4,665 a night
Villa Laalu = so expensive they make you email them

Romantic boat ride around the Maldives

becca-kufrin-the-bachelorette-finale-photos-02 copy.jpg

For this kind of date, I'm pretty sure it went down like this:

  1. ABC contacted a private sailboat rental company, or borrowed a boat from a friend of a friend of a friend.

  2. ABC found a pilot willing to sail the crew around the islands just to watch two people make out for hours (for a chunk of change of course).

  3. Becca professed her feelings for a guy who says things like, "I like the way she says bag."

  4. We poured one out for our homie, Blake. RIP.


BUT the islands have plenty of opportunities for hourly tours, day tours, even weekly tours where you can set sail for every island! Check out this company and all of their locations!

Bike ride around the island

becca-kufrin-the-bachelorette-finale-photos-69 copy.jpg

Garrett got to see Becca in a 2-piece, with a romantic boat ride around the island. Blake, on the other hand, got a sweaty bike ride and a stationary paddle boarding session. But if you want to relive that moment by yourself, or with a significant other, talk to the concierge! They have all sorts of activities available to their guests and if a bike ride is what you're looking for, they'll know just how to make that happen. Beware: if you're looking for a more intensive bike ride that could double as your workout for the day, you should probably stick to the resort gym, or hop on over to Maradhoo or Meedhoo for a longer trail. The bike path on Villingili is less than a mile long. 

Becca's Maldives Closet

becca-kufrin-the-bachelorette-finale-photos-13 copy.jpg

Because the Maldives are so close to the equator, the average temperature for the year is around 84 degrees, with the coldest time being around 80 degrees in January, a.k.a. hot and humid as balls. That's why we think it's really important to talk about what you bring to fill your tropical wardrobe. If you're like Becca and you're on a reality TV show to find your future husband, here's what you bring:


Note: The best times to go to the Maldives are between November and April, because the rest of the year is considered monsoon season, and if you watched that finale, you should have noticed that it was basically raining the entire episode. 

Speaking of the finale... Are you ready for our sh*t talking to begin?

giphy (1).gif

Finale Thoughts

1. "We haven't really witnessed heart break like this before. This will be a real tear jerker." - Chris Harrison. Uhhh, Chris the reason we're all here is because Becca was dumped by a failed race car driver AFTER he proposed ON LIVE TV for someone he said he was no longer in love with. I think you should tone down the drama.

2. Blake, you gotta get rid of that luggage man. Hit us up. 


*Garrett meeting Becca's Family*

3. Becca's mom is cute af and deserves her own season of The Bachelorette. Also, where is uncle Gary? I was really looking forward to him scaring these boys straight. 

4. Why are we still talking about Garrett's failed marriage? This is all I have to say about that. 

5. "Do you really need my input?" - Becca's mom dropping some truth about reality TV. We all know Becca's going to do the irrational thing and pick the wrong man. 

6. Oh sh*t, Garrett's legit crying. Nope. I'm not going to cry. Not going to cry. He will not win me over. 

*Blake meeting Becca's Family*


8. "I've never been more sure of anything." - says the guy who has spiraled all season long. Blakey, I got some bad news for you. You're on a reality TV show and she's dating another man. 

9. "She's going to pick Garrett." - Blake. ABC if this is some foreshadowing, you better stop that sh*t right now. I believe in this relationship and I need you to stop. it. 

10. Who @ ABC thought it was a good idea to go to the Maldives during monsoon season?

*Becca and Garret's Date*

11. We uncovered real life footage of Becca warming up for all of her running jumps into the guys arms. 

giphy (2).gif

12. Garrett interrupting himself to watch dolphins is really and truly the blessing all of us need rn. 

13. "People say they get butterfies but butterflies are small. You give me like... eagles." - Garrett. And no I did not misquote Garrett, he really did say the word, "butterfies." Need I say more about this man?

14. I have literally tuned them out because I cannot get over the fact that he just said she gives him eagles.

15. "I love the way she says bag." You are a simple, simple man, Garrett.

*Becca and Blake's date*

16. You know how there are those girls out there that say self-deprecating things, but like, really they say it to look cute? That's Becca trying to say she's too clumsy to ride a bike....

giphy (3).gif

17. Wait. When did they get off their bikes and get on a paddle board? Did I black out through that? Or is ABC really trying to downplay their date? Oh boy...

18. If my *logic* is correct, based on how much the sun has set from when they first started kissing to the next clip of them kissing, they've been standing in the same spot for almost 30 minutes. 

19. BRB, gonna go find one of those clear umbrellas.

20. JK, I live in LA and it never rains. 

21. "I made something for you." - Blake giving Becca a time capsule. Real original, Blake. It's not like Jason did that last week or anything. 

22. Again, this is all I have to say about Garrett. 

*Finale Time*

23. I really want to go on this show, JUST for the ring. Not the man or the fame, just the ring. Hi, Neil Lane. 

24. Hey, does anyone know who pays for those rings? What happens if she doesn't pick one of them? Do those rings go into a lottery that I can pay $5 into?

25. Me after seeing the ring Blake chose:


26. I mean, Becca looks incredible and I cannot talk because I'm currently in ARMY sweatpants I picked up from the thrift store, with the beginning stages of mascara rubbed eyes, but this dress looks like it was made from an albino mermaid. 

27. Thank you, Chris. Thank you for reminding me that I haven't seen anything like these two grown ass men crying. 




30. Blake, is that sweat or tears? Can someone get this man a towel?

31. *when you bring your dog over to cuddle and it gets up and walks away*
     *when you hear someone brought cupcakes to work but they're already gone*
     *when you go to McDonalds and the ice cream machine is broken*
     *when you get a text back and your phone dies*


32. Chris was right, I was not prepared for this. I did not expect this. I'm sobbing. Mostly because this means she picks Garrett. 

33. "Joining me now is Blake, who just watched that for the first time," - Chris Harrison, the biggest pot stirrer of all time.

giphy (4).gif

34. You know what is so messed up about this show? They trick us into watching these three hour finales, and then make us sit through the most uncomfortable, post-break up conversations. You can't fast forward because you'll definitely miss something, and you can't mute it because deep down you really want to watch these people implode. 

35. Someone needs to take the bottle and remote away from me. 

36. Garrett is crying again. I repeat, Garrett. is. crying. 

37. "You remind me of my dad," - Becca. Yep, here come the tears. 

38. TBH, I do not envy Becca's future last name. I can't spell it or say it. 

39. "Garrett will you accept this final rose?" 

tenor (1).gif

40. And with this final point, I leave you with this tweet because it's 11:42 pm and wine is no longer making me funny. 

Maybe ABC will do something right next season, and pick Peter as the Bachelor. Maybe Bachelor in Paradise will blow us all away and we'll have an excuse to write about that too. But for now, goodbye Bachelor and Bachelorette lovers.

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