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HOW TO: Only Pack The Essentials For A Week In New York

HOW TO: Only Pack The Essentials For A Week In New York


Getting told you’re heading to New York for a week is all fun and games until you realize you need to pack. Packing for New York is tough because there’s that need to dress fabulous while still staying comfortable. New Yorkers are always on-the-go and have mastered getting sh*t done without a hair out of place. So how does a girl from LA pack for the city that never sleeps? Well, I’ve narrowed down the essentials you'll need for a week in New York.

Plan your in-flight essentials

I took a red eye to New York so creating a "beauty essentials kit" was a must for me. Hopping on a flight at 10pm on a Sunday, to arrive to NY at 7am and head straight to a PR meeting? I got this. No, really I did. I made sure to hop on the plane with no makeup on and applied my nighttime routine before takeoff. I applied the works—rose water, moisturizer, serums, and lip balm. Sleeping on a flight isn’t ideal so I always make sure to bring melatonin to make it easier. In the morning, I reached for my kit again so I could wash my face, brush my teeth and add some Ouai texture spray to my hair. The statement “I woke up like this” has never been more real than this moment.

The go-to comfy outfit

Hi, my name is Giselle and I’m an overpacker. Okay, now that I admitted that, here’s the one thing I always make sure to pack—a comfy outfit to throw on whenever I need to do something quick. This is your “I just woke up but I want to look cute while getting coffee” look. I had a day in New York where I worked remotely from a coffee shop, so I took the opportunity to wear my favorite pair of joggers and a cropped top. For my flight back home, I just threw on a denim jacket with the same look.

One and done pieces

I’m a one and done type of person. That’s why I’ll always have at least 3 rompers packed in my luggage. They save so much more space than planning tops and bottoms for every day. I wore my polka dot romper one day with a pair of white sneakers. CALPAK had an influencer event at Pietro Nolita that same night so I just switched my sneakers for black booties and added a suede jacket. Such a simple switch, but it elevated the look for the night. You’re always on-the-go in New York so rompers are the easiest outfits to dress up or down.

Your favorite pair of jeans

Let’s be real—everyone has their favorite pair of jeans. I packed my two favorite pairs for the trip because I knew that they were going to be the bases of my outfits. Tops are the easy part. They can also be taken from day to night with just a few accessories. From work to dinner, I swapped my sneakers for a pair of heels and Kaya Backpack for my Mini Baye.

Let your accessories make your outfit

My accessories made my outfits on this trip! I brought 3 different types of shoes— white sneakers, black booties, and black heels. I would lay out my earrings and sunglasses so I could just grab and go in between events and I always found myself swapping between my Kaya Backpack and Mini Baye. My Power Luggage Tag was a lifesaver in New York because I was always on-the-go (in true NY fashion)! If there’s anything to overpack, it’s accessories to bring all your outfits from day to night.

xoxo, Giselle (social media and marketing coordinator at calpak)

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