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How to Dress Up Your Travel Pajamas

How to Dress Up Your Travel Pajamas


Quick question: have you ever worn high waisted jeans on a 6 hour flight and wanted to cry? Cuz, lol, same. And from that day forward, did you swear to only wear the comfiest of clothing on the airplane?


We get it, travel wear is something we don’t really talk about. We love to talk about what we’re going to wear when we arrive at our destination, or what our suitcases look like when we learn how to pack more efficiently, but we never talk about what it’s like to have a happy marriage between comfort and style on a plane, train, or in a car.

So how do we take the things we really want to wear for travel and dress them up for when we arrive? We start with the most comfortable things we own: our pajamas. Of course all pajamas are different and subjective to the wearer, but there’s a really simple foundation to build from (just avoid anything with animal characters on them). Check out these three totally different, easy to replicate, affordable travel outfits.

Look #1: A Bit of Basic

Most of my co-workers at CALPAK already know that I fully believe sleep-leisure is coming, and with that comes super silky, every-day pajama tops. Sleep in it, wear it to work, or in this case, wear it for a fun night out.

For example: Let’s say you’re headed to Vegas for a fun weekend with your girls, and they want to take full advantage of the time you have together. Your flight gets in around 8:15, but they want to leave for drinks at 9:00. Stash a strappy pair of heels and a leather jacket in your carry-on. When you land, take a few minutes to freshen up, pull your hair back, and trade your fuzzy socks for your heels. The finishing touch: a little red lipstick.

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Look #2: Stepping Up From Sweats

Last Fall, I purchased these super soft, wide-leg pants from H&M and began wearing them as my lounge-around-the-house pants. The next time I was in the store, I noticed it had a matching sweater and I immediately completed the set. I’m sure H&M didn’t design these to be worn as pajamas, but what else was I going to do with this gray on gray ensemble?

Try this: If you’re traveling for work and you don’t know how to balance professionalism and lounge-wear, stick to one tone: gray on gray, black on black, etc. Trade your slippers for some sneakers, throw your hair up in a sporty top-knot, and throw a masculine blazer over top. If the top underneath looks too baggy, give it the Tan France approved “french tuck,” or try rolling up the sleeve of the blazer. Watch your proportions and solidify the look.

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Kaya Backpack - Black

We like to think of this backpack as the “I’m going places,” backpack. The Kaya backpack is perfect for all the times you have too much stuff for a purse, and too little for rolling luggage. Your water bottle, your ipad, your mid-day snack, your headphones, and more, will all fit neatly and sweetly in this travel BFF.


Look #3: Dressin’ Around

I bought this dress last summer, in the hopes that it would be a cute swimsuit cover-up, but all I’ve done with it so far is debate whether or not I want to go outside while sitting on the couch. Typically, this dress is styled with a pair of fuzzy socks, an eye mask and a floor length sweater. But for the sake of comfort, you could easily switch out the sweater for a long, vented vest.

While traveling, simply roll the vest up and place it neatly in your carry-on, tote bag, or backpack. Try it with a pair of flip flops or heeled espadrilles, and you’re ready to hit the town for a fun day of eating, site-seeing, and shopping! And if you tend to over eat like me, the vest will only accentuate the waistline even more.

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Mini-Baye - Nude

This teeny tiny, cute, little hatbox is the perfect companion for a day of adventure. It’s lightweight and super fun to carry around. When all you need is a credit card, lip gloss and some sunglasses, there’s no need to carry anything bigger.


So the next time you take a night-time flight, or a dramatically long car ride, try going back to what makes you most comfortable: your pj’s.

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