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Give Me Glittery, or Give Me Gloss.

Give Me Glittery, or Give Me Gloss.


Shelby here, your friendly lifeguard in the sea of trend spotting and inspiration for the season. True inspiration is a little bit like love; if you’re looking for it, you’ll never find it. You have to let it fall at your feet or hit you right between the eyes.  And this week we’re discussing my newest love: all things glittery and glossy af.

In beauty, it’s all about natural dew. A.K.A. being that girl who doesn’t sweat, she *glistens.*
In fashion, it’s all about adding an extra element of transparency. Look at this bag inside a bag, inside my bag.
In content, it’s all about catching the light so perfectly that you don’t even need a filter. #aunaturel


We have...


Have you ever looked at a clear umbrella and thought to yourself, wouldn't that be so cute as a raincoat? Or as some little rain booties? No? Uh okay, cool, me neither. It's fine, I'm fine. I haven't been dreaming of making those cool blow up chairs popular.



There's something exciting about a photo that just makes you want to dive right in. Whether it's a freshly cut piece of grapefruit, a glass of rosé, or a bottle of water with condensation dripping down the side, I feel an overwhelming need to be in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. 



I used to think that all glittery things were too Britney Spears, or too Jersey Shore, but I am now in a phase of my life where glitter comes in the form of diamonds and lip gloss. And I love it. Sparkle is a girls' best friend. 


I look to the future and think we’re developing a healthy level of taste. We’re still taking risks, we’re still trying new things, we’re reviving old things and making them better, and we’re making strides in the fashion industry that people will talk about 100 years from now.

So let's live every fashionable moment with a sense of purpose, and be as *extra* as we can. 

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Looking for a little sparkle?


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