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Gather Your Besties, It's Time For A Well-Needed Girl's Trip

Gather Your Besties, It's Time For A Well-Needed Girl's Trip


Our lives are a crossbreed between multi-tasking and over-booking so we’re quick to conclude that we just can’t seem to pencil in a lunch date with our best friend or even a weekend getaway with our favorite people. Sure, we’re all caught up with people’s lives through social media and we send our love and support via likes, comments, emojis and memes but physical interaction will always be better. We get it, it gets tough to make time so, we aren’t here to preach but we ARE here to help remind you that you and your girls need a getaway ASAP.

Here’s why it’s important:

Blow off some steam


For those of you who are always on-the-go, following a strict schedule, booking meetings and attempting to be there for everyone, all the time — gather up your girls and say DGAF. You deserve to take the time to unwind, relax and just let go for a couple of days. It’s time to let your hair down and pamper yourselves. Perhaps at The Now?


A celebration roundup

You might forget to make an appointment for your annual check-up but you’ll never forget your best friend’s birthday. In the case that plans can’t seem to align all of your girlfriend’s birthdays, plan a get together that celebrates the birthdays in the Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. That definitely gives you a reason to have at least four major reunions to celebrate another year of growth and friendship by binge-watching your favorite BFF movies to remind you just how special you really are to one another.


Playing catch up

pajama party.jpg

It’s never going to be enough time to go over the latest celebrity gossip, share which high school or college friend just had a baby, go over your new work endeavors, relationship advice, etc. — but at least you can cover some ground by having some uninterrupted chat time. You never know how much you all NEEDED to talk through some things that you’ve been putting in the back of your mind. You may be looking for the comfort and advice of your friends that you didn’t know you needed. You’re never too old for a sleepover with matching pj's.


Adventure awaits


When’s the last time you had a girl’s night out…of town? Our bodies may not bounce back as quick as they used to but YOU.STILL.GOT.IT. Give yourselves a reason to wear that backless dress, that 2-piece swimsuit or that new bold lipstick — to impress nobody but yourselves. These are the stories you’ll be telling your future kids (when they’re old enough to listen to them), the stories that remind you that the good ‘ol times don’t always have to live in the past. It’s all about the PRESENT.


The meaning of true BFFL's


Here’s the thing, as the years go by, friends will come and go BUT, this is when the best of the best friends will stick it out with you through thick and thin. Although, you haven’t been able to spend time together, your forward motion, making boss moves independently—do align and because of that, you’re a proud ride or die friend. Plan a bestie getaway just to remind your girls how thankful you are for one another. You know what they say, “flocks of a feather, flock together”.

Comment below and let us know where your next girl gang getaway will be!


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