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Finding Your Zen at the Office: Desk Meditation

Finding Your Zen at the Office: Desk Meditation


The end of summer usually means longer hours at the office and often times, a little more stress. This may lead to you feeling overwhelmed and tense. Enter–desk meditation! Finding a way to relax at work can be very beneficial to your health. This simple meditation technique is called “Body Scan Meditation” and takes between 5 and 10 minutes. Not only can a short meditation help you relax, It can also help you regain focus for the remainder of your work day.

Desk meditation-01.png

Step 1:

Grab your favorite essential oil and dab some onto pulse points (wrists, elbows, temples, neck) – these roll-on ones from Saje are convenient and smell incredible!

Desk meditation-02.png

Step 2:

Put in some headphones and play some relaxing music (check out our September Wind Down Playlist!)

Desk meditation-03.png

Step 3:

Sitting with your feet planted firmly on the ground and hands placed gently on your lap, close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Step 4:

Take a couple of deep and engaging breathes in through your nose and gently out through your mouth.

Desk meditation-05.png

Step 5:

After a couple of deep breaths, draw your focus to it and breathe only from your nose.

Step 6:

Direct your attention to the soles of your feet, noticing how they feel. Concentrate on only the sensations in your feet for a minute. Take note of your mind wandering, and then draw your focus back to your feet.

Desk meditation-07.png

Step 7:

From there, move your attention to your calves, knees, thighs, stomach, chest, shoulders, and so on.

Step 8:

If you notice any pain, tension, or discomfort along the way, take the time to acknowledge it. By acknowledging it and focusing your breath on it, you may feel the tension start to release.

Desk meditation-09.png

Step 9:

Once you reach the very top of your head, take a moment to absorb any feelings that came up during your meditation session.

Desk meditation-10.png

Step 10:

Gently open your eyes and have a nice stretch to re-energize your body!

Go on about your day with a new sense of energy and focus! You got this!

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