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An Easy-To-Digest Trend Report From Spring 2019 Fashion Week

An Easy-To-Digest Trend Report From Spring 2019 Fashion Week


Hi, Shelby here (designer @ CALPAK), the girl who just spent three weeks having the worst FOMO possible watching all her favorite influencers fly to New York, Milan, Paris, and back again.

But really that means I’m baaaaaaaack with an easy-to-digest trend report from Spring 2019 Fashion Week. To be honest, I should’ve written this up like a bajillion weeks ago, but we’re busy over here and I’m pretty sure none of you care. SO. HERE. WE. GO.


Neutrals like black, white, grey, and brown will always be in style, but what really surprised me was how much black and brown were being shown for Spring. Don’t get me wrong, there were a ton of bright, poppy, Spring-time colors, but they were balanced out by an overwhelming amount of black. If we’re in for some Beyoncé vibes next year, I am here for it.



As many of you probably know, we love our marble print. But when we’re not making a new marble print, we’re creating florals, sunsets, 3-dimensions of glitter, and any other thing we think will be popular for a really long period of time. This is a category that always keeps us on our toes, because not every print looks great on luggage.


You’re probably thinking, ‘what’s the difference between style and trend?’ Well, I’d like to think style is a personality, while a trend is a specific treatment of the style. For example, one of the overwhelming styles was this 80’s, Princess Diana vibe, but within that there were so many trendy occurrences of ruffles, tacky prom dresses, and mom suits. I must be a sucker because, again, I am here for it.


(With an emphasis on handbags because if it were any kind of trend, we’d be here forever.)

This is my all time favorite category. As a product designer, I love being able to go to Vogue’s Runway tab and look through all the shows whenever I want. And I especially love to see that “details” tab where a second photographer zoomed in on the shoes, the bags, the hair and makeup, and the cute little differences between each look. The details tab is where I find the most inspiration whether it be chunky braids, funky shapes, multiple materials, and out-of-this-world concepts. *see giant fish tank bag in the bottom right*



Well, there ya have it folks. If you aren’t sure what to make of all of this, just think:

  • Fall colors are now spring colors.

  • Your macrame poncho from 10 years ago is cool again.

  • You can either have a big bag or a little bag, but there is no in between.

  • Your grandma’s couch is the new Instagrammable spot.

  • Raincoats are acceptable when it isn’t even raining. (Looking at you, LA)

  • We’ve moved on from sexy night time slips in public, to frumpy muu muu’s in public.

  • And you can wear whatever print with whatever print.

You should probably ignore that last one, but like I said, I am here for all of it and will support you no matter what. Until next time!!

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