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Fall Is Calling: Here's What Your Horoscopes Are Telling You

Fall Is Calling: Here's What Your Horoscopes Are Telling You

fall horoscopes

Suddenly, it’s Fall — but are we surprised?! Find out where you should be traveling to and what to bring this season:


September 23 to October 22

Let’s be honest, you’ve been having trouble being real with yourself lately, Libra. It’s time to remind yourself what you do, how you do it, and why you love it. Take a break sometime this Fall in Montreal, Canada to ignite the passion and courage within you. Festivals will be all over Montreal so take advantage of the energy and inspiration you’ll get out of a trip of a lifetime.

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October 23 to November 21

’Tis your season to be curious, adventurous, and most of all, open-minded. The inner investigator in you is looking for a magical place you’ve only heard of, but have never seen with your own two eyes. From palaces, to gardens, mosques, bazaars, and some of the finest cuisine, Marrakesh, Morocco is calling your Scorpio heart to stay curious.

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November 22 to December 21

Your mind will stay wandering this Fall but that’s not always a bad thing. With constant lists, events, dates, and everything in between on your mind, you’re looking for a destination that allows you to break free from your daily scheduling. Enjoy the ambiance of dining alfresco in Lisbon, Portugal, people watching, and sipping on a hearty latte.

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December 22 to January 19

Romance is in the air for you Capricorn, but it’s in your best interest to take it slow and challenge your naturally eager heart. “Wine” down in Sussex, England where you’ll have plenty of options for vineyards to celebrate harvest season. Cross your fingers that you run into the royal family!

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January 20 to February 18

This Fall, you’re manifesting your 2020 goals (early) to maintain your passionate soul. You’re searching for deeper meanings behind the work you do and you’re building deeper relationships with those you love. Furthermore, you’re looking for a getaway with a deeper experience, so what better than trekking to see the Northern Lights in Iceland?

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February 19 to March 20

Like a fish out of water, the season is telling you to break out of your usual schedule and actually act on the daydreams that go on in your head. Go ahead and book that trip to Johannesburg, South Africa and explore not only the dreamiest national parks and wildlife reserves but the charming community within the thriving city.

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March 21 to April 19

Whether you’ve had a busy Summer or a complete season of “chill vibes” this Fall, you’re taking it up a notch and facing your fears. There were things holding you back like relationships, money struggles, and a new job status, but now that you’re finally seeing clearly, keep the momentum going. The adventure and adrenaline is waiting for you in supposedly one of the most haunted places in America — Savannah, Georgia.

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April 20 to May 20

Now is a good time to switch up your priorities and we don’t just mean with your work tasks and hectic weekend events. As the rain starts to clear up in the Maldives this September, Autumn is allowing you to create a fresh start for yourself this season so you can focus on what makes you strong enough to clarify your goals and tackle them one by one. Take this getaway seriously so you can come back feeling grateful for a season of change.

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May 21 to June 20

Being a good listener means being there for your loved ones without judgement or critique. It also means learning about things you’ve never given a chance to before. With a perfect view of the the Great Wall of China this Autumn, you’ll soak up every hint of history to allow you to come back to those you love with an open mind and open heart.

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June 21 to July 22

We get it, sometimes it’s scary to enter the “unknown” when it comes to jobs, relationships, and even trying new things. Take this Fall to appreciate the joy in living beyond your set of rules and checklists. As you visit the beautiful national parks or exciting capital of Buenos Aires in Argentina, you’re bound to realize you just have to let go sometimes.

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July 23 to August 22

We know you love a good party but have you ever been to the world’s largest Oktoberfest? Munich, Germany will be celebrating just that in October and while you’re there, you’ll not only be having a memorable experience, you’ll be soaking up why traveling around the world is so important to you and your beliefs. Cheers, Leo!

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August 23 to September 22

Watch the transition between Summer and Fall in Big Sur as you’re peaking with transitions within your own life this season. Be patient about what’s to come for you as you take a long drive and embark on a getaway that’ll remind you the the best is yet to come. You’re exactly where you need to be, dear Virgo.

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