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DESTINATION: St. Petersburg, Russia W/ Jill Paider

DESTINATION: St. Petersburg, Russia W/ Jill Paider



Russia is a culture, history and art lover’s dream come true. It’s somewhat overlooked because of visa requirements, but St. Petersburg’s beauty and hospitality make it a gem of the Baltic region.



Russia had been on my list for a long time. The 2018 World Cup made traveling visas very easy so I took advantage and booked my trip. I loved every minute in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I found both cities to be very friendly and easy to navigate as a foreigner.


Food & Wine

St. Petersburg offers a great variety from Russian classics to international favorites. You will have no problem wining and dining and finding nightlife in the former capital.


Getting There & Away: Via boat/cruise from the major Baltic cities. Direct flights from major US cities to Moscow. From Moscow, it is a one-hour flight to St. Petersburg or four hours by high-speed train.

Budgeting Tips: St. Petersburg has a wide variety of accommodations and food options that are amenable to all budgets. In addition, you will find very affordable tickets to the ballet, live music and opera – making it a great city to take advantage of the performing arts.

Packing Considerations: It’s quite cool here at night and can be in the daytime as well, even in summer. I recommend bringing a packable down jacket and wool or cashmere layers and carrying them with you, along with an umbrella, throughout the day.

Good To Know: Visas are required for citizens of most countries. If you are arriving via boat into St. Petersburg, you can forgo a visa and have 72 hours in the country.



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