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DESTINATION: Brazil W/ Jill Paider

DESTINATION: Brazil W/ Jill Paider



Brazil tends to get overlooked by tourists due to security concerns and visa requirements; however both situations are changing for the better. U.S. citizens can get their e-visas online as of January 2018. No more waiting for consulate appointments. Similarly, while safety has always been an issue in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (as it is in most major cites), I found it to be largely manageable as a solo female traveler by using common sense. It’s too amazing of a destination to pass up! Whether you’re there for beaches, nightlife, Carnival, food tours or all the above, Brazil will not disappoint.



Because I am a huge fan of architects Oscar Niemeyer and Heitor da Silva Costa, a book on Brazilian design simply had to happen. I went here to shoot for my upcoming book, Brazil Modern.


Food & Wine

Brazil offers fresh produce, meat and seafood galore. You will not go hungry or thirsty in Brazil. There are many international restaurants in Rio and São Paulo to cater to all tastes.


Getting There & Away: Direct flights from major U.S. cities to Rio and São Paulo daily.

Budgeting Tips: Brazil is extremely budget-friendly. If you go during the shoulder season versus Carnival you will save significantly on flights and accommodations.

Packing Considerations: Brazil is a very casual country, but you will find that you’ll hit beaches, the city and nightlife in a single day, so you’ll likely need multiple clothing options.

Good To Know: Uber is incredibly useful in the major cities. It will add security to your trip and make transportation infinitely easier without having to deal with taxi drivers and translation.



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