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DESTINATION: Berlin & The Baltics w/ Jill Paider

DESTINATION: Berlin & The Baltics w/ Jill Paider



Berlin is a treasure trove of history, art and culture, and a wonderful introduction to Germany, albeit slightly more bohemian than the rest of the country. Intensely dense with art, architecture, and the history of the not-so-far past, Berlin hits all notes of a traveler’s palate. This vibrant city is ruled by the young and cutting-edge. As a result, it offers great nightlife options to complement the many daytime activities.



I knew I’d love Berlin even before I got there. The concentration of art and the official home of the Bauhaus movement made it a highlight of my Baltic tour. I photographed several modern buildings there for my book The Great Modern Architects. I enjoyed this city immensely and can’t recommend it enough whether it’s an addition to a European tour or a stand-alone trip.


Food & Wine

Berlin offers many great local and international dining options. Outdoor beer gardens offer traditional gourmet pub fare. One of my favorites is TISK Speisekneipe.


Getting There & Away: Direct flights to Berlin from New York, one-stop connecting flights from most other major U.S. cities.

Budgeting Tips: Book in advance for high season. Apartment rentals and Airbnbs have exploded in the last five years in Berlin, offering plenty of options to choose from.

Packing Considerations: Great walking shoes. Summer days can get quite hot, so plan your wardrobe accordingly.

Good To Know: While Berlin is well-stocked with great tourist sites, it can be quite overwhelming to try to see everything. I recommend spending time in the neighborhoods and planning time to chill to experience the "real" Berlin.



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