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Cash Me Traveling: Travel Wallet Event

Cash Me Traveling: Travel Wallet Event


On the colorful rooftop of Mama Shelter in Hollywood, we inspired upcoming Summer getaways with the new CALPAK Travel Wallets. Some of our favorite influencers gathered together for an evening of big spending on activities. It was incredible to witness how excited everyone was about this new travel product, since here at CALPAK, we’re always trying to come up with the most beautiful things you can carry with you on your travels.


"Mo Money, Mo Problems"

This was the most difficult decision to make that night — “Which color Travel Wallet do I want?!” Neither Ellen Kim or Rocsi Diaz could decide but honestly, we couldn’t blame them. From Black to Stone, to Denim, Blush and our exclusive White, you couldn’t go wrong with any of the summer inspired colors.



Cash ruled everything around the evening while everyone was rolling in dough by having CALPAK Cash in each of their Travel Wallets, as well as a cute CALPAK passport. Guests went from station to station for hairstyles by Mane Addicts, fresh facials by Skin Laundry, Makeup touch-ups by Blushington and a candy bar by Sugarfina that no one could resist. Let’s not forget about the beautiful gold foil personalization by Mike Ward that marked the finishing touch on the Travel Wallets.


"Living For The City"

A rooftop golden hour never gets old, especially when you’re sippin’ on Mama’s Wallet cocktails and catching a vibe. Everywhere, influencers were plotting their next getaway and how their new Travel Wallet will definitely be their sidekick through it all.

"Bitch Better Have My Money"

Of course, we couldn’t go without setting the tone with a playlist that’ll make you do the money dance!

We’re so grateful for everyone who came out and also everyone who has gotten their hands on a Travel Wallet. We can’t wait to see where you take your new travel BFF next!

Photos by the lovely and talented, Claire Hutsberger.

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