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CALLING IT NOW: Sleep Leisure is coming.

CALLING IT NOW: Sleep Leisure is coming.

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Remember that time people started spreading around the word, “Athleisure” like it was the new avocado toast at Sunday brunch? Well, the idea that you can wear THE SAME OUTFIT to the gym, to work (maybe), or to an outing with friends, is absolutely genius to me. And if you’re thinking, “Nah, that doesn’t really apply to me,” please think about the last time you suggested/agreed to go “hiking” with friends and get back to me.

So what’s next? I mean, kale was cool for a while, but it tastes like dirt so we got over that pretty quickly. Then there were those questionably sanitary IV stations at every music festival or gathering of influencers, because we suddenly forgot how to hydrate ourselves. More recently, we let an egg get more likes than Kylie Jenner on a single Instagram post, because we can’t seem to just let women have things. It’s safe to say that whatever trend comes next is going to be a real winner. *eye twitches nervously*

I’m calling it now, just like winter, sleep leisure is coming. And yes, that was a GOT reference just right off the bat. If we can make it socially acceptable to wear lycra in public, then we should be right on schedule with silky pajamas. Soon after, there will be no such thing as “occasion wear,” only “I got out of bed today,” wear.

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What is “Sleep Leisure?”

Imagine a world where everyone is walking around in slippers, robes, and matching pajama sets at boujee level 3000, and it’s totally cool. It casually starts with a silk, button down pajama top, then it’s a slip dress with a little lace at the neck line, and it ends with us walking around in fur lined slippers, and floor length kimonos. Essentially, you’re taking elements of sleepwear and loungewear, throwing it into your everyday wardrobe and calling it, “fashion.”

How I think it will look:

giphy (1).gif

How it will actually look:


Where did this trend come from?

Athleisure wasn’t just a change in wardrobe, it was a change in lifestyle. It was about being active in all aspects of your life, while also being comfortable when it was time to slow down. I think sleepleisure is just another extension of the comfort we’re all seeking, but… sexier? Fancier? Richer? Athleisure is kombucha. Sleepleisure is champagne.

And if you think about it even further, it’s all about the material: silk. Silk pillow cases, silk eye masks, and silk pajamas are all the things you never want to buy for yourself, but would love to receive during the holidays from your great-gift-giving aunt. *cough Aunt Barb cough* Because of this, I’ve noticed major retailers heavily pushing their silk items day 1 of the holiday season. It won’t be long before those same retailers start finding inexpensive silk-alternatives to sell year round, and confirm my trending theories.

My current favorites:

@morgan_lane + @oliviavonhalle


Just in case you still don’t believe this trend is on it’s way… check out these moments from FW2019 fashion week.

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