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15 Hotels We're Dying to See In 2019

15 Hotels We're Dying to See In 2019


Need some travel inspiration for 2019 and 2020? Us too. We love it when we’re scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram and we find these new, inspiring, and super-beautiful places to go. But sometimes the source runs dry and you need a little pick-me-up (a.k.a. an excuse to be somewhere else), so we have compiled a list of the top 25 hotels we’re dying to see in 2019.

(This list is in no particular order because we love all parts of the world equally and you should go wherever your heart desires.)


#1. Hotel Peter & Paul

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you want to live and breathe history on your next vacation, try Hotel Peter and Paul: an old Catholic church, convent, rectory, and school that went through a 4-year restoration. Located in the Marigny sector of New Orleans, Louisiana, this hotel knows what it means to show travelers a good time. Their website even has an interactive guide to the best of the best in the area!


#2. Katikies

Mykonos, Greece

Looking for a honeymoon destination? Look no further. Time to plan a get away with your S.O. in October where the prices are low, the weather is warm, and the coast line is alllllll yours. If you miss the peak seasons by a few weeks, you can cut your resort prices in half!


#3. The Carpenter Hotel

Austin, Texas

BRB, planning our next trip to SXSW. Think: Moonrise Kingdom meets John Wayne. It’s hip, it’s western, it’s warm and every corner is screaming, “Take my picture!” Why go out to eat when you can stay at the hotel and eat homemade waffles inside an old school cafeteria?


#4. Paramount House Hotel

New South Wales, Australia

Right in the heart of Sydney, Paramount House is the perfect blend of beach and city. The casual surfboards lined up outside meet the high rises next door. Whether you’re stopping for the night, or spending a week, it’s the perfect place to feel more at home.


#5. Amanyangyun

Shanghai, China

Although this is at a higher price point than most of us could ever afford, the spa and cultural experiences at Amanyangyun cannot be beat. Adjacent to the property is the Camphor forrest. “The ethereal camphor forest sets the tone for a peaceful, introspective retreat, where old and new, natural and manmade, coexist in perfect harmony.”


#6. Belmond Cap Juluca

Anguilla, British West Indies

This is what we picture when we hear, “if you like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain…” This is what we picture when we smell an “Ocean Spray” candle. This is what we picture when we taste a really good bite of a fish taco. This is Belmond Cap Juluca.


#7. Silver Sands

St. George’s, Grenada

Quote from their website, “As the world’s biggest exporter of nutmeg and mace, wild and beautiful Grenada is known as the ‘Spice Island.’ But you’ll also find spice in the air, in people’s attitudes, and in Grenada’s very soul.” Need we say more? Spend your days swimming in the clearest water you’ve ever seen or exploring, and eating locally grown dark chocolate.


#8. Heckfield Place

Hampshire, England

Heckfield Place is where you go when you really want to get away from everyone else, drink some really good wine, eat some really fresh foods, read some really long books, and wake up to the sound of song birds and rustling trees. They’re bringing the 18th century to modern life.


#9. Istoria

Perissa, Greece

We’d like to think that if there was one place in the entire world that felt like CALPAK, it’d be this place. It’s soft, but strong. It’s warm, yet breezy. Located on the other side of the island from Santorini, Istoria has beautiful black beaches, endless waters, and wide open spaces. No elbow pushing here.


#10. Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel


Ice meets fire here are Blue Lagoon Retreat. Whether you’re checking items off your bucket list (swimming in the blue lagoons), looking for an out-of-this-world culinary experience (their restaurant is built into the side of a volcanic wall), or just need some peace and quiet, the surrounding minerals will do wonders for your mind, body and soul.


#11. Hotel Joaquin

Laguna Beach, California

Live in Los Angeles, but looking for a weekend getaway with your best friends? Take a trip down the coast to Hotel Joaquin and spend some quality time together at this home away from home. Don’t forget to try their exclusive restaurant, Saline. We hear the crab gnocchi is to die for!


#12. Vilòn

Rome, Italy

Just a few steps away from the Trevi Fountain, Vilòn is the adult version of the Lizzie McGuire movie. Explore the gardens, eat freshly made pasta, or find your pop-star dopplegänger and find out that your true love was your best friend all along. Wait… Skip those last two and just eat more pasta.


#13. Calile Hotel

Brisbane, Australia

This hotel is the definition of F.O.M.O. The pink marble, the mint pool umbrellas, the gold accents, and the soft curvatures everywhere are so beautiful and picturesque that there are no bad angles of this place. Plus, they have some amazing travel packages!


#14. Épi 1959

Ramatuelle, France

If these photos aren’t enough to convince you to immediately book a ticket, we don’t know what else we can do to help you… Just kidding. Hotel Épi is effortlessly chic and with only 10 rooms, you’ll feel like you’re vacationing as a true Parisienne.


#15. The Laylow

Honolulu, Hawaii

As if you needed another reason to go to Hawaii… The Laylow is the perfect place to meet new people, drink fruity cocktails and live that out of office life. Although the rooms are completely gorgeous, their exterior decor and amenities are begging for you to come outside and play.

Have any hotel recommendations you want to share? Leave a comment down below so we can dream about it later!

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