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How Summersalt Is Revolutionizing The Female Traveler

How Summersalt Is Revolutionizing The Female Traveler


From swimwear to sleepwear, to underwear and travelwear, Summersalt has created some of the most thoughtful wearable essentials that you never knew you really needed. They’ve done the hard work such as taking measurements of over 10,000 women, using recycled materials for their many fabrics and packaging, and presenting affordable price points for their quality goods. Within a year, they launched The Forecast, a platform showcasing inspirational women, travel stories, and more.

Read below to find out why Summersalt found a need (and a solution) for female travelers and why comfort and style are a must for all of their beautifully crafted pieces.

Summersalt is known for revolutionizing travelwear specifically for women — did you see a hole in the market specifically for the female traveler?

 Absolutely—there really weren't many options out there! Most of what you see women wearing on planes is either athleisure, which is comfortable but not focused on style, or it's business-wear, which is stylish but not designed for comfort. We created our line to really help customers feel chic and comfortable, and to keep each piece easy to care for so our customers will look just as good stepping onto a plane as they do when they reach their destination.

What do you think your main impact is on the travel industry?

We're creating a space specifically for women, not just seeing where they might fit in. We know that there is a big audience out there of women who are ambitious adventurers, and we want to give them the confidence to go and do anything they want without hesitation, and help them look and feel great while doing it. 


What are the 3 key ingredients to perfect travelwear?

Comfort, style, and versatility. It's easy to throw on leggings and a hoodie before a flight but with our Travelwear collection, you can look chic (and effortless) while still feeling like you're in PJs. What you wear while traveling has to be easy to care for too—nobody wants to have to iron or dry clean what they're throwing in their suitcase, so we make sure our Travelwear is wrinkle-resistant and easily washable so you can throw it on without worry. 



Since comfort plays a huge role in how we travel, what are 3 other essentials that can ease the pain of getting on an airplane or taking a long road trip?

Have you ever been on a plane that wasn't freezing? Being prepared with cozy layers is crucial for being comfortable when traveling. We have a great silk-blend scarf that works as a super-soft wrap, and soft, lightweight duster that you can wear on the plane and beyond, and that won't take up a ton of space in your suitcase. And last but not least, having your things organized makes packing and travel so much easier, so we love our Less Mess Packing Sleeves so you can keep everything organized, from earrings to underwear.


Your blog, The Forecast, was developed after the launch of Summersalt’s products — how did you choose what type of content you wanted to share on The Forecast and why was it important to have this platform?

Our swimsuits are our foundation, but we want Summersalt to be the place where women go when they're planning a trip. We have Travelwearswimwearaccessories, and now underwear that are specifically designed for women en route to adventure—we want to help them plan and enjoy that adventure too.  We want our customers to feel empowered and confident in what they're wearing so they're inspired to get out there and explore the world, and our Forecast content is designed to provide inspiration for adventures of all kinds.


The series, “Women Who Are Going Places” on The Forecast is both exciting and inspiring. How do you choose which women to spotlight as it relates to Summersalt’s core values?

We're always on the hunt to spotlight women who are doing things differently, whether that means innovating the beverage industry or embracing solo travel. If there's a woman out there who is creating opportunity and changing the status quo, we want to feature her.


How do you think Summersalt inspires women to travel more and be bold with taking chances on new life adventures?

So many of the customer reviews we get have the same sentiment: before Summersalt they dreaded being in a swimsuit and would avoid making beach or travel plans, but feeling confident and secure in their Summersalt swimwear has completely changed that. That is huge for us. When we help women feel so confident that they want to get out and enjoy all of the amazing activities and travel destinations life has to offer, that's the ultimate win.


Can new and improved travelwear, sleepwear, swimwear and underwear make you feel empowered? How?

Absolutely. It's hard to really enjoy yourself when you're feeling uncomfortable or insecure in what you're wearing. Our brand is built on helping women feel incredible, both in terms of fit and functionality. Our suits were designed using body scans over over 10,000 women and 1.5 million measurements for a super smart fit. Beaches and pools and warm weather should make us feel as joyful as adults as we did when we were kids, and we want to help people get back to that feelingWhen a woman feels good about herself, she can do anything. And we're honored to be a part of that.


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