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5 Must-Haves For Fall

5 Must-Haves For Fall


I have to say it… It’s time. It is officially pumpkin spice season.

You want to know how I know that? Because Spam, YES SPAM, released a pumpkin spice flavor. Nothing is safe anymore. For those of us living in hot, arid climates, where the leaves go from green to gone, we’ve got a few confusing months of, ‘Should I be sweating this much?’ left. But for those of you that know what seasons are, we’ve got your fall essentials right here.

These are our top 5 Fall must-haves paired up with our favorite CALPAK products.


Best Paired With: LUKA Duffel Bag - Bronze

If you’re loving the utility trend that’s happening this year, then you need the Luka Duffel Bag. It has all the pockets you could ever need, a scratch resistant exterior, and a trolley-sleeve so you can be hands-free on-the-go.

The “shacket” is a shirt/jacket combination that, like the Luka Duffel, is the perfect combination of flare and functionality.

TW1801_Travel Wallet_Emerald_1.jpg

Best Paired With: Croc Travel Wallet - Emerald

The smock dress trend is like Little House on the Prairie meets Woodstock. It’s bohemian, it’s retro, and it’s surprisingly, flattering af.

The only thing that would make this trend better is an elevated accessory that plays off of print, color, and style. The Croc Travel Wallet has all of that, and is the perfect solution to dresses without pockets. Just saying.

LJA1020_JEN_ATKIN_RED_1 - Copy.jpg

Best Paired With: Jen Atkin Collection

Whether you’re going for a relaxed, day-time pajama look, or a suited, I’m-a-boss-b**ch look, matching your top and bottom is the easiest way to look like you’ve got it all figured out.

We applied the same principle to our Jen Atkin x CALPAK collaboration. The high quality parts, materials, and accessories were combined with the classy, color-matched exterior. And with a set of custom stickers, you can make it one of a kind.


Best Paired With: The Silk Travel Set

There has never been a trend that has made me as sleepy as this one. An oversized, fuzzy sweater makes me want to go home, light a candle, drink some hot chocolate, and turn on The Holiday.

And no other product makes me sleepier than the Silk Travel Set. Whenever I fly with my silk neck pillow and eye mask, it’s like my low class ticket to getting first class sleep.

CC1801_Vanity Case_Trnk Black_1.jpg

Best Paired With: Vanity Case - TRNK Black

I’ve always felt like wearing too much black leather would make me look like I belonged in a biker gang or a traveling rock band, and neither of those are really my style. But now, this trend has shifted into an 80s era Versace, and I. Am. Here. For. It.

It’s an effortless level of cool, and no product embodies that more than our TRNK Black Vanity Case.


No matter what you’re loving this fall, we’ve got you covered. Just please, don’t make Pumpkin Spice Spam a thing.

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