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Overnight With Baye in Palm Springs

Overnight With Baye in Palm Springs

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It’s that time of year when flocks of people travel to the desert and prepare themselves to a world away from the “real world” to officially enter festival season. Because the outfits need to be on point, the food and drink situation needs to be situated and there’s performers on the lineup you absolutely cannot miss, preparation and packing lists are NO JOKE. Luckily, with the help of twelve lovely ladies, we were able to prepare them as they also prepared us in none other than the beautiful Palm Springs to pre-game us into the next few weeks in the desert.

#OvernightWithBaye was a quick yet unforgettable trip highlighting our favorite weekender, Baye. In this case, each of our influencers was invited to bring their Medium Bayes as their overnighter and we were so excited to see how thoughtfully packed each of theirs were. Not knowing full details on how the getaway would go, each invitee was provided with a packing list and itinerary to hype them up for some sun, food, and relaxation.

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The excitement you get when you see the windmills on the way to Palm Springs never gets old because 1. That’s how you know you’re almost there and 2. You always wonder if you can get the perfect photo moment with them. *Don’t worry, stay tuned for another post on the infamous windmills.* The ladies spent the morning under the desert sun snapping shots and looking picturesque per usual.

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When checking into Avalon Hotel, you’ll move past the lobby, past the cute little bar/cafe, and will be greeted with a sweet pool tucked in lush greenery with a mid-century modern vibe. Here, you're taken through a maze-like pathway toward the Presidio Courtyard where lunch was served. We hosted an intimate lunch under the shady trees, which provided a light breeze. The windmills definitely worked everyone up an appetite so this was perfect.


In each room, there was a personalized robe, a swimsuit from our friends at Becca Swimwear and let’s not forget, a bottle of rosè to welcome each of our guests.

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Avalon Hotel was better known for its bright yellow poolside cushions, accenting the black, white and greenery, but we were sad to find that the yellow was replaced with grey. BUT the classic beauty of this luxury hotel makes up for it! When arriving to the pool, the ladies were greeted with CALPAK’s Mini Bayes with goodies from Coola, Kopari and Sonix. Soaking up the sun and enjoying tropical cocktails were the goals here.

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Let’s be real, Baye IS Bae. It was only fitting that each of the ladies dressed to impress with their new little accessory for dinner at Workshop Kitchen + Bar. It was the perfect outdoor dinner ambience paired with specially made cocktails. Let’s just say Baye knows how to swoon on a date.

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After a long day, our guests woke up to either a facial, massage or body scrub. The spa at Avalon Hotel is tucked away within the hotel like a mini oasis. Spa time is always quality me-time, but what better than relaxing with your girlfriends and a fresh cup of coffee?

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CALPAK along with Bloggers Who Brunch are so thankful to have been able to hang out and get to know these incredible women. Not only are we ready for festival season but we’re also looking forward to warm weather. #OvernightWithBaye was the perfect little getaway to remind us to slow down, be in the moment, and OH, get READY for festival season!

A million thanks to Bloggers Who Brunch and these lovely ladies for joining us on our desert getaway! Good bye for now, Palm Springs! 'Til we meet again...in the next couple of weeks!

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