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Fashion Week Rundown

Fashion Week Rundown


Fashion week is a little bit like the Olympics for me: There’s a show opening, a show ending, and in between I’m sitting in front of my computer screen crying over the fact that I can’t afford to be one of those people that sits front row. We have multiple countries represented and instead of keeping track of their medal count, I’m patiently waiting for Vogue to give me their final opinion on the best shows.

Then when it’s all over, I go back to living my life and patiently wait four months to feel alive again. So because we’re consumers just like you, we thought it’d be nice to break it alllllllll down to a few easy-to-recreate trends.


Trend #1
Metal Heads


Have you ever wanted an excuse to use the Kira Kira app without feeling too extra? Well, too bad, it will always be extra. Like yes okay, I love that your highlighter is catching the light so beautifully, but we all know those tiny little solar flares are Kira Kira made. At least with this heavy metal trend happening, it’s acceptable for you to do it every day and I can stay in the background like:

Want another excuse to sparkle and shine? Meet our metallic collection, Ambeur.  


Ambeur - Silver - 2-Piece Set


Trend #2
Puff Puff Pass


Honestly, this may be my favorite trend to come out of Fall Fashion Week because it’s finally making it acceptable for me to roll out of bed, wrapped in my duvet. All I need to do now is figure out how to get my makeup routine down to 30 seconds and wear loafers to bed. Easy peesy, lemon squeezy? It may be a little too early for puffer jackets and puffer vests, but a light quilting could be just what you need to dip your toes into the right-out-of-bed water.


Trend #3
Little House on the Prairie


This is one of those trends that you pray you can recreate at home, but then you end up spending a few too many dollars and you end up looking like you went outside in your grandma’s muu muu. I get it, we’ve all been there.

But don’t these girls look phenomenal? Zimmermann has always been one of those brands that made you look and feel like a Grecian, angel goddess, but now that other brands are catching on, it’s going to be even easier to work a style like this into your wardrobe. The best way to ride the line between prairie dress and muu muu is to pay attention to your textiles. Focus on lace, linen, and fresh cotton.


Trend #4
Cheetah Girls Cheetah Sistahs


I don’t wanna be like Cinderella,
sittin’ in a dark, cold, dusty cellar
waitin’ for somebody
to come and set me frreeeeeee

giphy (2).gif

Anyone else form your own Cheetah Girls group and buy up all the cheetah things you could get your hands on? Yeah, me neither. It’s fine, I’m fine.

But don’t worry, cheetah isn’t the only animal print getting some attention this fall. Dolce & Gabbana made a very bold statement with their zebra pieces, while Proenza Schouler had a beautiful, minimal tiger stripe. If you don’t want to commit fully, there are tons of cute accessories out there that can complete this look for you.  For example, check out this Power Luggage Tag. May you reach your cheetahlicious potential.



Power Luggage Tag - Leopard


Trend #5
Mad About Plaid


To be honest, plaid has always been in style for me and I could literally wear it every day of the week so I don’t know why the rest of the world is just now catching up. I mean, seriously, have you seen Clueless? Cher represents everything that was right with the 90s and if I could go back, I would. Sure, it was a time before Emojis and Postmates, but at least it was still socially acceptable to say:

giphy (1).gif

Trend #6
Furry AF


Fur has been a very hot topic recently, especially with major designers like Donatella Versace speaking out against the use of real fur. News flash guys, fur has never been cool.

But here we are, and here are some magically furry af moments from Fall Fashion Week. If you live in sunny LA and won’t ever have a need for a long coat, I recommend one of those adorable fur poof keychains. Whenever I get anxious, or a little upset, I just pet the furry keychain and I feel better. Trust me, it works.  


Trend #7
Florals for Fall


You know that scene in the Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly asks her team to give her a rundown on the spring concepts? And that one girl says, “Well, they’re showing a lot of florals right now,” and Miranda goes:


Well, Miranda, designers showed florals for fall and it was groundbreaking. They weren’t the happy-spring-time florals that you’d typically think of, either. Almost all of the floral prints were very moody and vintage, which gives me all of the fall vibes I’ve been looking for. And when I say fall vibes I mean: that October feeling when the leaves are turning orange and crunchy, and the tip of your nose is just a tiny bit chilly, but the air is (smog free) fresh and windy.

But if you can’t wait that long to flaunt some florals, check out these adorable OhJoy! + CALPAK packing cubes. It’s the perfect spring and summer accessory.


Oh Joy! - Floral - 5-Piece Set


I know that fashion week is a collection of looks for the next season, but that shouldn't stop you from being a little early to the party. Quilting and faux fur may not be the most efficient options for a summer wardrobe, but there's always room for a little more sparkle, flirtation, and print! (Bonus points if you can fit them all into one outfit.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I am stowing away my favorite trends and going into hibernation for next season. 

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