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Spending 11 Hours w/ Murphie

Spending 11 Hours w/ Murphie


When I first came to work at CALPAK, I believed that a backpack was the only carry-on you would ever need, so I focused on making the perfect, working-girl backpack, Kaya. But of course every time I took a trip, I felt myself needing more and more stuff and having less and less room. So I upgraded, and changed the way I travel forever.

On a recent trip to China, the production team and I took a Korean Air flight from Guangzhou to Seoul, and from Seoul to Los Angeles. Total flight time: 11 hours. Here’s a breakdown of what it’s like to sit on an airplane for 11 hours with my travel BFF, Murphie.

  1. It’s really important for me to be comfortable early on (flight-anxiety), so I took my neck pillow, my noise canceling headphones, and my in-flight cosmetics out of Murphie, and all of my chargers out of Kaya the minute I boarded the plane.

  2. One major thing we learned about flying business class: the leg room is insane. But because it’s so large, you’re not allowed to keep anything at your seat during taxi, take-off, and landing, or else it will slide down the aisle and run into the people around you. So instead of keeping Murphie at my seat (like I always do), the flight attendant put it in the overhead, and I was super thankful I had already gotten all of my essentials out.

  3. I keep anti-bacterial wipes in my cosmetic kit, so once I got settled, I wiped everything down. And I mean, EVERYTHING. Planes are nasty, y’all.

11 W MURPHIE TITLES-05-06.png
  1. Once we reached about 35,000 feet, I had the option of getting my things out of the overhead, but I knew that dinner was coming and I was actually really comfortable as I was. The Korean Air blanket was pretty cozy, and I had just gotten into Incredibles 2. I did, however, put my loafers away and trade them for some generic airplane slippers.

  2. Dinner time was… Turbulent. Like, rollercoaster turbulent. It was one of the few times I was really thankful that I didn’t have Murphie at my seat, because I just knew that when the flight attendant was handing me my dinner tray, we were going to hit a huge gust of wind, the tray was going to fly in my face, she was going to trip over me and my stuff, and we’d have a really big mess on our hands. But alas, none of those things happened and I got an entire pint of ice cream to myself.

  1. After dinner, I brought Murphie down to start my in-flight, bed time ritual. I went to the bathroom one last time and brushed my teeth before trying to get some sleep.

  2. My in-flight nighttime ritual consists of:

11 W MURPHIE TITLES-07-08.jpg
  1. Please don’t be that guy that decides to do work while everyone is asleep. I get it, jet lag sucks and sometimes you can’t help but be awake. It’s one thing to watch a movie, but it’s a completely other thing to think you’re invisible and your aggressive typing is silent. Thankfully I had an eye mask to block out the light, but I woke up several times to him clearing his very glick-y throat. *barf emoji*

  2. Airplanes are either really freaking hot, or really freaking cold. Guess which one this was? SUPER DUPER FREAKING HOT. I can’t sleep when it’s hot, and my go-to fuzzy socks were not doing me any favors so I was waking up every 30 minutes or so. Note to self: invest in thinner pajamas. I eventually decided to get up and watch Tangled until breakfast.

  1. Breakfast came pretty abruptly. When we went to bed, the lighting went through several phases of dimming, but breakfast was just like, “Oh hey, you were sleeping? Too bad.” There was a warm porridge to start the day, and because I was still a little bit hungry, I ordered a large bowl of ramen.

  2. And just as soon as breakfast was over, they turned the lights alllllll the way back down. I watched another movie, while most people took another restless nap.

  3. Because we were getting close, I brought out my Murphie and all of my toiletries again to get in the bathrooms before every one else.

  1. I’m sure everyone hated me for spending so much time in the bathroom. But my first step is using my Nudestix Concealer Pencil in shade Light 2, under my eyes and on any red spots. It’s creamy, easy to use one handed, compact for travel, and gives me that, “I just woke up like this,” glow.

  2. I typically let the concealer sit for a couple minutes while I do other things like brushing my teeth, washing my hands, etc. Idk, I think it helps the formula stick to my skin a little better.

  3. I rub in the concealer, and reapply where necessary, right before I put on a light layer of mascara. I went back to my seat and settled in for the last leg of the flight.

  1. Once again, Murphie couldn’t stay at my seat with me, so I had to pack everything away and put it in the overhead. I have to admit, doing that multiple times over the course of two weeks, I got really good at playing Tetris with my things.

  2. I made the horrible mistake of putting my headphones away while I was packing, so I just stared out the window for an hour while we descended into Los Angeles. It was smoggy, but really beautiful.


Zero sleep and 11 hours later, I was home in Los Angeles, and still very much in love with Murphie.

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Murphie - Underseat Carry-on - Black



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